Most of us have experienced or will experience a significant power outage during our lifetime. No, it’s not completely the end of the world. There are still quite a few things we can do. I think most of us get caught up in all the frenzy when something exciting like the power goes out. It’s funny to see how many people instantly begin to wander around aimlessly. I don’t think any research has been done to see why this occurs. It’s probably just the excitement and the immediate withdrawal of our reliance on electrical power.

So, I thought that I would put together a simple list of things anyone can do once the power goes out. You might even want to print this out and hang it on your refrigerator. Because if you don’t do it now, you most likely won’t be able to view this or print it out at the time the blackout occurs. You know, the whole power outage thing, remember? And of course it always is a good idea to have other resources available for light, in case the power outage happens at night, leaving you in the dark.

#1 – Make yourself useful

If you have a neighbor who has a medical condition and relies on the power for certain medical equipment, make yourself useful and check to see if they are alright. All it takes a few moments of your time to check and see if they need any assistance.

#2 – Pick up a book or a newspaper

These things do still exist in our society. We tend to rely solely on our television or computer for news and entertainment. Most of us have really good books that are just collecting dust. This just might be your golden opportunity to pick one up and begin reading. I know, not everyone finds reading the most exciting past time. Don’t worry; this is only the second suggestion. Move on.

#3 – Exercise

Yes, we can still do this without power. We don’t always need our high quality technology driven exercise equipment to get some healthy exercise. Remember the days when we would just go for a walk? Or even just do simple warm up exercises such as sit ups, stretches, or push ups? Granted, not everyone can do every kind of exercise, but there are simple movements you can do to improve your health and pass the time away.

#4 – Organize

Oh how I love this suggestion. I don’t think I have ever ran across anyone who has everything completely organized. Well, unless you deal with OCD, or something similar. Usually we have a stack of papers or mail that we haven’t gone through yet. Now is the perfect time. Or how about simply rearranging some things around the house? Organization always makes you feel better too.

#5 Take a nap

Many of us are sleep deprived to begin with. What better time to get some extra rest. It’s understandable that not everyone can sleep during the day. However, if the power outage is a long one, and you completed all four of my other suggestions above, you’ll be tired.

#6 – Play games

There are all sorts of games you can play without using electric. Some of the best past time games are card games. This can work if you are by yourself, or even more fun if you are with a group of people. If cards aren’t your thing, board games are always fun. Again, this helps if you have several people to participate.

#7 – Listen to the radio

Yes, I have saved the best for last, because radio always keeps me entertained no matter what seems to be going on. As most of us know, not every radio requires electric. We of course have all sorts of options available to us, if the batteries are charged and ready to go. Listening to your favorite music or radio talk show can do wonders to pass the time.

So there you have it. Seven things you can do at home during a blackout. As you can see these aren’t the only things you can do, just a few ideas I came up with to help ease the withdrawal of the electrical power we rely on every minute of every day.