You Should Use Smokeless Candles in Your Home

You Should Use Smokeless Candles in Your Home

I recently came across an extraordinary new product-so-called smokeless candles made from soy product as opposed to traditional candle wax mixtures. The result is a candle that is still highly aromatic, but it does not leave a “residue” or put any smoke into the air. In small apartments and homes, regular candles can create a lot of smoke over time-also, it creates residue “stains” on the walls. (This is similar to the damage done to hotel room walls over many years of allowing smokers to stay there.)

I have found only one company that has a wide range of soy-based aroma candles. The company is called Soy Inspirations and it appears to be available at many supermarkets. Soy candles are more expensive than regular candles, but the results are remarkable-there truly is no smoke or lingering residue on my window sill.

A medium-sized Soy Inspirations candle cost me $8, but they seem to last for a standard amount of time. “Cinnamon roll” is my favorite kind so far-a rich cinnamon aroma fills my apartment and wafts out into the hallway.

Over time, especially as many affluent homeowners are health-conscious, I believe soy-based and other varieties of “smokeless candles” will become the industry standard. Normal wax candles will be a thing of the past, only making the occasional appearance in an antiques store or Williamsburg colonial reenactment.

If you have kids, you should also consider not using candles at all or switching to smokeless candles. It is simply irresponsible, in my opinion, to have something that burns and gives off actual particles-why not just smoke in your house?

As more consumers demand smokeless candles, they are likely to gain acceptance at major scented candle chains such as Yankee Candle.

I also recommend you try oil candles at some point. I am not sure if they are technically “smokeless”, but they do seem to give off less smoke and residue than wax candles. You can also place an oil candle in standing water for an amazing evening mood.

It is funny that even in 2018 scented candles have a place in the home. They are perfect for transforming a normal room into a “romantic” or sexy rendezvous spot. Although the burn from soy candles does not appear any brighter than that of standard wax candles, the odor appeared to be just as strong-if not more so. The cinnamon scent filled my room within a matter of minutes.

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