Summer and Winter Energy Saving Tips

Below are some helpful energy saving tips:

  1. Seal your drafts.
  2. Close off your chimney.Your chimney is basically an open hole in your house, which cold air, hot air, and even rain have no problem going in to if it is not closed off. You can also use a heavy cover over your fireplace to prevent outside air from coming into your home in case it does come down the chimney.
  3. Turn off your vents they’ve done their duty.You might think about vents letting air out, but not in. But really vents work both ways, and you can end up with outside air in your climate controlled building, Kitchen and bathroom vents are necessary, but turn them off when you’re done using them.
  4. Be energy wise with your curtains. Since heat comes from the sun, it may be wise to close your curtains in summer to keep the sun out and open your curtains in winter to let sunshine in, However, if more cold air than sunshines come through in winter, you would better off leaving the curtains closed.
  5. Keep your air conditioner or heater tuned up. Every machine runs more efficiently when it is being well-maintained, and making them work overtime is using unnecessary energy. Keep your filters changed, and have a mechanic look at your unit when you think its output is low.

Keep cold air out in winter and hot air out in summer by sealing all your drafts – around windows, doors and cracks in the building, using caulk if necessary. A good product to use around doors is the As-Seen-On-TV Twin Draft Guard. It moves with your door as you open and shut it. It’s also easy to use and inexpensive, It also works on windows that do not have screens.