Designing a bedroom around the headboard of a bed can be an exhilarating home improvement project. Headboards are an artistic and functional bedroom element that can add a sense of creative design to a room. Headboards come in traditional designs that often accompany a bed and dresser in a composite bedroom suite.

These complementary furniture accents add a sense of uniformity to the bedroom, but alternate headboards can be created to bring a sense of eclectic design to the room. If you are looking for a way to create a unique headboard for your bedroom, then follow these simple suggestions for a fun-filled bedroom design.

Folding Screen or Shutters

Since a bed is usually a central feature in a bedroom, a headboard brings a sense of completion to the bedroom design. Comforters, pillows, a bed skirt, and linens all add a decorative element to the room, but without a headboard, there is not a strong focal point. A folding wooden screen that has been inlaid with fabric can make for an attractive headboard design. You can choose a decorative fabric and replace the one that accompanies the wooden screen if you want to bring a specific correlating design into the bedroom. In addition, you can unfold the screen so that the panels are all open wide and lie flat against the wall. Similarly, you can use antique or rustic shutters against the wall to create a headboard design. These decorative shutters will need to be nailed to the wall in the proper height to give an authentic and creative headboard design. Both the folding screen and the shutters can also be painted or stained to math the theme of your bedroom décor.

Colorful Textiles

It is often assumed that linens and textiles can only find their place on the bed in a bedroom design. Fortunately, this is not the only use for textiles in a bedroom. They can be used on the wall to create a bedroom headboard design. Antique textiles work well a headboard since they are often too old and too fragile to use as daily bedding. In addition, colorful quilts, curtains, and fabrics can also be hung on the wall to create a bedroom headboard. For the most dramatic effect, you can cover most of the wall behind the bed with an unusually large textile or piece of fabric.

Wooden Outdoor Décor

Ordinary outdoor garden or yard accents can be used to create an artistic headboard design. If you paint or stain a section of wooden picket fence or wooden garden lattice, you can use this as a headboard for a country or garden-themed bedroom. This headboard idea also works especially well for a little girl’s room. These decorative headboard ideas add an element of charm and artistry to a bedroom design. Designing a bedroom around a bedroom headboard can be a stylish and rewarding home improvement project. Headboards are a creative bedroom element that can add a sense of refinement and completion to a decorative bedroom design.

Light Up Headboard Ideas

This is a DIY cool video on making a light up headboard.